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I’ve been working on a series of inane placards for a little while. Actually, when I say I’ve been working on them for a little while, I mean that I’ve been doing these things for the past few years.

What started innocently enough as an honest attempt to make eye-catching signs for Indy Hall (eye-catching in the grossly-plain-devoid-of-design-or-intelligence sorta way) evolved into a style. By accident, really. After my bike was stolen this past summer (which I’ll post about soon enough), I offered up my talents for for hire – and to my surprise, somebody asked me to make a PSA for his home.

I had no idea where I would start. What the hell would I write about? I make these things for Indy as a means to remind people of little courtesies that travel far, things like replacing the last roll of toilet paper or making a new pot of coffee or offering permission to admit that you just can’t fucking remember that person’s name and look I’m so sorry it’s not you it’s me honestly I’m super embarrassed to ask your name for like the third time but I’d rather not pretend I do know your name when I really don’t I’m sure you don’t want me to call you “pal” for the entire duration of our acquaintance. Stuff like that.

So I asked him what he’s struggling with right now, I’d make something to help him get through that. He says he has a hell of time waking up in the morning. Thus, I made a PSA that reminds him of those sweet and invaluable mundane events in life that happen in the morning, the ones he’s sleeping right the hell through and missing entirely. And look, I don’t know if this will actually help rehab him into a state in which the alarm clock goes off and his head springs form the pillow, but we both had a laugh over the frank reality of snoozing through the beautiful happenstance of life in the early mornin’. So, shit, I guess they’re good for that?

More PSAs to come. Want a custom PSA for yourself? Hit me up on Twitter, gang: @adamteterus

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