This blog is terrible and it’s all my fault

I know the title of this post is true because right now, in this moment, I hate this damn blog. I haven’t posted anything for, what, a full year? Criminy. That’s embarrassing.

Time to pick this shit up and move on, by which I mean I’ll begin to post updates and new posts and maybe edit older content, and I’ll enjoy doing it. I’ll keep the previous posts around for the sake of nostalgia, but I think you oughta look forward to a major god damn change in the way I keep this blog updated. I’ll use my voice – my real voice. I’ll spit and cuss and and fawn and offer open-ended entries because that’s what I’m doing all day, anyway. I just need to translate the experience.

Oh, scope the new logo, by the way! I’ve been working a lot with the man who crafted that, Michael Norcross, and I’ve got a lot to say about how delightful and talented that guy is. Together, we produce The Dark Matter Sequential, something I’ll write about more in the future, and it’s been a total blast to work with him since last spring. If you need design work, talk to Michael. He’ll fix you up and blow your mind.

So look, I’ll be treating this blog as if it’s Twitter or Facebook or a social platform that I post to habitually. I’m gonna make this place a home, a place where I live. Cool with you? Doesn’t matter. (but look I do hope it’s cool with you tbh)

I only stopped by to write this, right now. Something to let you know that change is a’comin’. I’m excited.

Catch you on the flip.

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