Listen up, coworking space managers. We need to talk!

There’s a choir of people singing the praises of coworking, and it’s getting louder and louder. Better yet, it’s becoming an increasingly diverse chorus. I’ve been enveloped in the sound for three years now, and I can’t help but notice that there are still important voices missing from the ensemble.

I’m talking about the voices of those who were hired to run and operate your coworking space. I don’t hear much from my own contingent, and I’ve been looking and listening for a long time. Maybe it’s because we’re all too busy figuring out how to do the job in the first place, or maybe it’s because we didn’t know there was a conversation about coworking to be had, or didn’t know where and how to join into a conversation lead mostly by owners and founders of the business. We’re in a slightly different echelon, working a little closer to the community on an even more personal level. Our perspective is so important, we just need to find the channel to share it. We need to find each other and start talking.

That’s exactly why I was so excited to record a conversation with Alex Hillman, my friend and mentor and Indy Hall’s own fearless leader, about seeing through the lens of a hired staff member. Alex knows that he and I have unique strengths when it comes to understanding our community at Indy Hall, and I’m fortunate that he shared an opportunity with me to explore those for others to listen to.

The conversation you’re about to listen to is the tip of the iceberg, it’s only the beginning of a conversation that I hope gets longer and larger in time. In fact, this inaugural (and incredibly exciting!) episode of the Coworking Weekly Show is an icebreaker, an initial offer to begin not just a bigger conversation on how to run a coworking space, but a relationship between coworking staff.

I’m adding a new perspective into what it takes to run a coworking space, one that’s valuable to hear from whether you’re staff like I am, if you’re thinking about hiring someone to help run the space, or if you’re genuinely curious what your current staff members are doing and thinking already. But it’s only just my voice, and there are many more voices like mind to be heard.

I’ve got a lot of good things coming soon that I can’t wait to share, ways for more of us to find one another and share stories, questions, support and advice so we can all get even better at this together. Wanna join in? Keep your ear to the ground because big news is comin’.

For now, enjoy a conversation between Alex and I that will hopefully sound both instantly familiar and full of opportunity.

LISTEN HERE: The Coworking Weekly Show – Session 1

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If you’re coworking staff like I am, I’d love to know what keeps your mind busy! Comment below with some of the conversations that you’d like to have with other coworking staff members, people who know exactly what you’re going through every day.

  • What questions would you ask if you knew the person listening actually understood exactly what you’re talking about?
  • What tips would you share?
  • What obstacles would you want to pull apart?

We’ve got a lot of talking to do, gang. Let’s keep in touch, huh?

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